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Creating Shortcuts with App Intents
Learn how to create iOS shortcuts using Swift in this App Intents tutorial.
iOS & Swift
Swift Result Builders: Getting Started
Adding @resultBuilder in Swift 5.4 was important, but you might have missed it. It’s the secret engine behind the easy syntax you use to describe a view’s layout: @ViewBuilder. If you’ve ever wondered whether you could create custom syntax like that in your projects, the answer is yes! Even better, you’ll be amazed at how […]
iOS & Swift
New SwiftUI Support for MapKit in Xcode 15
At WWDC 2023, Apple announced big improvements to SwiftUI support for MapKit. Learn all about your new options for maps, markers, annotations, style and camera position.
iOS & Swift
Apple Health Frameworks
This course will walk you through the steps of making a health app using all the Apple Health Frameworks. Learn how to use HealthKit, CareKit and ResearchKit together to make a seamless app.
iOS & Swift
Background Modes Tutorial: Getting Started
In this tutorial, you’ll create an app that uses audio playback, location updates, critical tasks, and background fetch to learn about the most common background modes.
iOS & Swift
In-App Purchases
Updated for 2022! In-App Purchase offers additional revenue streams for developers other than the initial purchase from the App Store. This can be great for unlocking functionality, providing additional content or for in-game currency. This course covers the dance with App Store Connect, integration with StoreKit, restoration of previous purchases and transaction validation, by the end of the series you’ll have a great understanding of the concepts behind IAP.
Multiple Domains
Units & Measurement in iOS
Learn how to model units of physical quantities with Measurements and Units from Foundation for safer conversion and display of meaningful values.
iOS & Swift
Wrangling Dates & Time in iOS
Understanding the deep technical details how dates and time work in iOS is immensely helpful for developing apps—every single day, month, and year! Learn the foundational structures behind working with dates and time in iOS. Then, apply your date modeling to SwiftUI views.
iOS & Swift
Home Screen Quick Actions for iOS: Getting Started
Learn how to integrate Static and Dynamic Home Screen Quick Actions into your SwiftUI iOS app.
iOS & Swift
CloudKit is Apple’s remote data storage service. Based on iCloud, it provides a low-cost option to store and share app data.
iOS & Swift
iPadOS 15 Tutorial: What’s New for Developers
See what’s new in iPadOS 15 and take your app to the next level with groundbreaking changes!
iOS & Swift
Capturing Text From Camera Using SwiftUI
Learn how to capture text from the iPhone camera into your SwiftUI app so your users can enter data more quickly and easily.
iOS & Swift
Building a Camera App With SwiftUI and Combine
Learn to natively build your own SwiftUI camera app using Combine and create fun filters using the power of Core Image.
iOS & Swift
Core Haptics
Learn how to create and play haptic patterns, synchronize audio with haptic events, and create dynamic haptic patterns that respond to external stimuli.
iOS & Swift
Video Streaming Tutorial for iOS: Getting Started
Learn how to build a video streaming app using AVKit and AVFoundation frameworks.
iOS & Swift
Audio with AVFoundation
AVFoundation is Apple’s advanced framework for working with time-based media, such as audio and video. This course covers the essentials to using the AVFoundation framework to create audio based apps. You’ll learn how to set up audio sessions; record and playback audio; audio metering, how to control volume and rate; special effects, such as pitch and reverb; and generating speech from text.
iOS & Swift
SceneKit 3D Programming for iOS: Getting Started
Learn how to use SceneKit for 3D graphics programming by building an app modeling the solar system.
iOS & Swift
WWDC 2021: Upgrading to StoreKit 2
StoreKit 2 provides a great a many improvements to the StoreKit API. In this small course, you’ll see how to upgrade an existing StoreKit project to use the latest features introduced by StoreKit 2.
iOS & Swift
Background Tasks in iOS
Launching your iOS app in the background and performing some tasks wasn’t all that easy. However, in iOS 13 Apple introduced an all new framework called Background Tasks. It’s incredibly powerful framework that allows you to launch your iOS application in the background and perform some important tasks ready when your users return. In this course we’re going to explore the all new framework and build out a sample project to update a list of music from the iTunes API.
iOS & Swift
Detect Hand & Body Poses with Vision in iOS
Learn how to detect hand and body landmarks in live video with help from the Vision framework. Explore the kind of data Vision can provide, and use it to evaluate hand and body poses for simple gestures.
iOS & Swift
Applications of Custom Property Wrappers
Property Wrappers are a new Swift version introduced in Swift 5.1. Property Wrappers allow supercharging of properties with extra functionality. Learn how to create your own Property Wrappers to create some cool and awesome functionality.
iOS & Swift
Adapting to User Accessibility Settings in SwiftUI
In this course, learn how to adapt a SwiftUI app to common Accessibility settings including Dark Mode and Dynamic Type. Work with Accessibility Inspector and SwiftUI Previews to learn how to build for Accessibility faster.
iOS & Swift
Siri Shortcuts on Apple Watch
Learn how to take advantage of Siri and Shortcuts on the Apple Watch without any intervention required from the iOS companion app.
iOS & Swift
Multi-Language Support with Localization in iOS
This course will walk you through the steps of localizing your app. Learn how to add a new language and how to use Xcode Localization Catalog to make your life easier while doing so. Also learn how to localize a Swift Package.