Android User Interfaces

Building apps requires a good command of the various user interface elements that bring life and utility to an app. Get started with Layouts, RecyclerView, and Animations in this Android learning path!

Android User Interfaces

Learning path · 4 video courses (8 hrs, 5 mins)
Beginning Android Layouts
Conquer the basics of creating Android user interfaces, starting with layouts such as LinearLayout, then switch to using the newer ConstraintLayout.
Beginning RecyclerView
Learn how to create lists in Android using the RecyclerView. Dive into RecyclerView components such as adapters and view holders, and leverage them to produce rich user interfaces as well as provide behavior that your users will expect.
Beginning ViewPagers
Learn how to use one of the most common Android Widgets, the ViewPager. ViewPagers are fundamental because they allow you to display different kinds of views using a pattern which is familiar to most users.
Android Animations
Learn how to add various animations to your apps that will make the app user experience more dynamic, fun, and effective.

After completing this learning path…

…you'll have gained a great deal of experience in laying out your app’s UI in Android, and seen how to use RecyclerView to create powerful and great-looking interfaces. You’ll have also seen how animation can take your app from “so-so” to “stunning”! Check out the Android Data and Networking path to dive into the world of data persistence, networking, and background processing.

Up next

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Saving Data on Android
Learn about different ways to save data on Android! Use SharedPreferences to store user-facing configuration, use Files to store complex data in the form of JSON or media files, and use the SQLite Open Helper database to store meaningful objects that you can create, read, update and delete.